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Healthy Dog Treats


Our pursuit of wholesome, natural, and single-ingredient treats was sparked by our two beagles. When Kōbe developed allergies at just 4 months old, we became like "bubble boy" parents, delving into research, joining groups, and seeking out the healthiest food and treats for him. Meanwhile, Dori, our other beagle, had her own challenges, aside her dislikes to bath time, we has to rush her to the vet for possible poisoned raw hide back in 2017. Determined to provide the best for our furry family members, we took matters into our own hands and started making treats at home.

What began as a labor of love for our pups soon grew to include treats for friends and family, and eventually led to us selling our homemade creations at local farmers markets. We then expanded to open our own online store on Etsy, and now we proudly have our own web store. At Urban Dog, we remain committed to crafting handmade treats using carefully sourced ingredients, and we prioritize transparency for our customers.

Our brand, Urban Dog, is not only an homage to our beloved beagles, but also a testament to the unwavering support we have received from our community. We are dedicated to providing the best and healthiest treats, made with premium, ethically sourced ingredients, including locally and domestically sourced proteins. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our treats, and those that we share with your pups, are the safest, healthiest, and cleanest options available.
Healthy Dog Treats
Urban dog pledges 1% of every purchase to animal shelter and rescue across the nation. 
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