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Healthy Dog Treats


Our quest for healthier, natural and single ingredient treats all started cause of our two beagles.
Since Kōbe was 4 months he was allergic to everything, basically a bubble boy. This is where we started on reading, researching joining groups to find the healthiest food and treats he can have.
Dori wasn't allergic to anything, except getting bathe and wiped for bed time. But in 2017 she was rushed to the vet due to possible poison from a raw hide she was chewing on. That's when we really put our feet down and started making our own treats from home.
From making treats for our pups, to our friends and family, selling treats in a small farmers market, to opening our first online store in Etsy, and now our very own web store. We continue making handmade treats, sourcing the right ingredient and giving transparency to our customer.
Urban Dog is an ode to our Beagles, and to everyone who supported us, we will  continue giving the best and healthiest treats, with premium, ethically sourced food. With local and made in the USA proteins. We want our pups and yours to have the safest, healthiest and cleanest treats.
Healthy Dog Treats
Urban dog pledges 1% of every purchase to animal shelter and rescue across the nation. 
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